Thursday, May 01, 2014

I Can't Believe We've Made It Here

Lately, when we come to the end of a week, I think (and often say to Andy) with relief...I can't believe we've made it here, to the end of this week!

To be honest, in this calendar year there have been more weeks that I have thought and said that than not. We've weathered some really rough storms in the last few months as we walk with the boys through this part of their healing. I thought 2013 was the most challenging (and simultaneously the most wonderful) year of my life, until February 2014 knocked down our door and obliterated the record for Most Challenging Year previously set by its predecessor.

But then something amazing happened that also obliterated the Most Wonderful Year record that 2013 previously held. 

We went to court in March, one year after the big boys' move to our house, and we found out that the birth parents had signed consents early that week for us to adopt the boys, releasing all of their rights. That day in court, I couldn't believe we'd made it there, to that monumental step.

Now we are officially in the process of adopting all three boys! It will likely take several more months, but we're hoping finalization will happen before the end of the year, and then 2014 will definitely take the record. On that day I'm sure I'll say the same thing...I can't believe we've made it here, to adoption day.

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