Wednesday, May 21, 2014



This is how we feel a majority of the time. But, the good news is, looking back over the last year or so, many of those facepalm moments have become quite hilarious to us. So, in the spirit of keeping things light on a day that started out (and ended) so hard, here are some of our favorite facepalm moments...

1. Once upon a time I walked into the bathroom and half the floor was wet. I asked D what happened and he pointed at the door and said "I tried to pee in the toilet from over there." #facepalm

2. From tonight, Andy: "Stop making faces at me." S: "I wasn't." Andy: "But, we're looking at each other and I can see you doing it." #facepalm

3. That one time Little Man threw up at the kitchen table and immediately said "Can I finish my breakfast?" #facepalm

4. Frequently S will come downstairs well after bedtime and say something like "My arm hurts...when I do this" (while pinching himself). #facepalm

5. Earlier in the year D had a little crush at school. The teacher told us he was being disruptive in class by throwing his snack across the room at the little girl he liked. When I asked him why he did that he said "I wanted to share my snack with her." #facepalm

6. Little Man came inside from playing and stated "I'M POOPY!" Andy replied, "Why did you poop your pants??" The answer: "Because I stayed outside!!" #facepalm

7. Before we moved, we all shared one bathroom. One time I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and sat in a puddle of pee. #facepalm

8. Conversation with my 9-year-old, about wearing his 3-year-old brother's clothes. Me: "D, why are you wearing your little brother's underwear?" D: "Because I wanted to." #facepalm

Turns out a lot of these moments are centered around bodily functions. Ah, life with boys.

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