Sunday, June 30, 2013

Code Language

Andy and I speak in code a lot now that we're parents. Since the boys can't spell quickly, I often spell out different words, but Andy's not big on we've come up with some code words we use while planning different things we don't want the boys to know about quite yet.

M-D's is code for McDonalds.

As in, "Should we stop by M-D's for a little after dinner snack?" (Ice cream cone).

QT is code for Quiet Time.

As in, "I think after lunch we should all have a short QT before we play outside."

Cinematic Feature is code for movie.

As in, "Do you think it's a good idea to do a family cinematic feature tonight?"

The boys haven't figured out our code language, thank goodness. But we've found out that they have some code language of their own. And while we appreciate that the boys haven't figured out our code language, it's important that we try to decode theirs.

A few weeks ago, I was trying to get our dog, Jackson, to leave the kitchen while we were eating. I told him over and over...and over. But he didn't listen. D was standing there when this was happening, and he said:

"Jackson isn't listening very well. If he keeps doing that are we going to send him away to live at another house?"

Code language alert.

I assured D that we would not send Jackson away because he is a part of our family forever. This is important because we weren't just talking about Jackson. This is an important question for a child who has moved to four different homes, with four different caregivers, in four years.

Sometimes their code language is pretty obvious, and sometimes it's not. But, we continue to try to give answers that provide them with security and reassurance that they are an important part of our family, and loved very much.

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