Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"He said you were fat!"

A little while ago, through a series of unfortunate events caused by annoying red-tape issues within the system, D went about two and a half weeks without his medication. Both of the boys have ADHD, and are on the more severe side of the spectrum. At home we dealt with it the best we could, and found some semi-effective ways to help him focus and help us cope. School was a different story. The kid was outside of his mind at school. It was a rough time, but we all survived. I'm not really going to get into the whole story since that's not actually what this little update is about...

Anyway, after one of the rougher days during the medication gap, I was sitting with D on the couch rubbing his hands and feet (make note: I was touching his feet. Yes, I love this child), and asking him about his day. My poor little guy was so upset because another kid at school was being mean and hurting his feelings. I asked him to tell me the things that the boy was saying, so I could help him process how he should respond in the future. In the most forlorn voice he said, "He said you were fat!!"

Well after some more conversation I gathered that the kids were telling "Your Mama" jokes, to each other, and D apparently took it very personally. It was all I could do to hold in my laughter at this point. My little guy is so sweet and loves me so much that his feelings were crushed because of a "Your Mama" joke. Heart stolen. Again.

I wanted to share this story for a few reasons. First, it's flipping adorable. Second, while we do experience very difficult things in our journey with the boys, we are not without moments of "normal" parenting joy, and I want to make sure everyone knows that. Finally, while the majority of children who have been in the system for as long as our boys struggle with serious attachment issues, we are beyond amazed and thrilled that our children do not. These boys have readily accepted us as their mom and dad, so much so that D is upset when he thinks someone may be insulting me -- his mom. This is huge and wonderful. Please rejoice in this with us.

Thanks so much for all the messages, comments, prayers and other support you've shown to us -- we hope you keep sharing in our journey, and all the joy and sorrow that may come with it.


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