Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Kids, and 5 Things I've Gathered

As most of you know, our little family doubled in size on Saturday! We are now the proud parents to two awesome boys. There's not a whole lot we can say on here, but we can tell you a little. They are brothers; the oldest, "S," is 9 years old, and "D" is 8 years old. They are both sweet kids, very very energetic, and super goofy. We love them so much already.

The boys are adjusting very well to the move, and we are trying to do the same. Before yesterday, we  told people that we were just waiting for our life to explode once we got kids...and it definitely has! This week is spring break for them, which is so nice for the transition. We will both be home for the majority of the week, getting to know them more and getting used to being parents before we take our hot-mess-of-a-life out into the public. We are going to try our best over the next week to get them (and ourselves) into a schedule and get us all used to our new "normal."

Meanwhile, during the last 48 hours or so that I have been a parent, I have come to a few conclusions about life as a mother. Here are the top five, in no particular order:

1. The "bestselling movie" section at Target is designed to make me look like a bad parent (cue: breakdown in the aisle because "The Amazing Spiderman" Movie is not on the shopping list today). Same goes for all of the shelves right at the checkout.

2. The kitchen timer is my new best friend. ("30 minutes of Quiet Time, then the timer will ding and you can get up.")

3. "Quiet Time" is just a nicer way of saying "Parental Sanity Break"

4. "Bedtime" is just a code word for the period of time where we turn the lights out and hide until they fall asleep.

5. My husband is amazing. There is no way I could do this parenting thing without him. Seriously.

And that is all I have the mental capacity to share right now. Oh, and this...

D is a budding photographer. He took this artsy picture of his shoes on my phone today. He would own Instagram with his photo-taking talent.

Thanks for your prayers! Please continue to shower us with them!


  1. Enjoyed your 5 gatherings and glad that you are able to write with humor as you and your husband begin this journey with two new children in your family. Praying for the best!

    1. I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. You can read more about it in my last post. It will be great to continue to read about your foster journey!

  2. Good stuff! A sense of humor is an important mommy quality :)

  3. Oh soooo exciting!! Thank you for sharing this info, we are all praying for you and are so excited for you guys! I'm soaking in your bits of wisdom now as I prepare, keep it coming! :)

  4. Fun times ahead!!! Thanks for joining the foster care blog hop!