Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Home Visit: Done!

Hello! It's true, we have been silent for many weeks. As has the government (says Andy). But, a few weeks ago our background clearances finally came back from the state office! When Andy called to tell me (and fake me out a little: "I have an interview next week...well, we both do...") I was so surprised and so happy!

We had our home visit with our licensing worker last week. She came to the house, looked around, and then asked us lots of questions (foster care is not for those who want a private life). Everything went great, and she told us that our completed paperwork would be sent back to the state office the next morning (last Thursday). Now, we wait for our information to be finalized in the state database, and that's it - we'll be licensed at that point! We will receive a copy of our license and so will our licensing worker. She told us that it could be anywhere from one week to a few weeks before our license was finalized - however long it takes for the data to get entered at the state office - and at that point, we could get a call and a placement any day!

So, now we wait...again.

This is just a short update, because we know some of you have been wondering where we're at in the process. We have been asked to describe the complete process of licensing (in our state), which we will do soon, and we will include more details about the training and visit in there!

Thanks for continuing to support us and lift us up in prayer!

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  1. Woohoo!!! Love it! So excited for you guys! Continued prayers!!